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Subject: Fathers and Sons Together, Part ThreeNote: Please do not use this story without the permission of the author.
Themes include consensual intergenerational sex and incest between men and
teens of legal age. Do not proceed if these themes bother you. Comments and
suggestions welcome at or If you want to get my stories emailed to you
directly let me know.I want to thank everyone who emailed me--I appreciate your feedback. I'm glad
you enjoy my stories. Some of you asked about other stories I've written.
Here's what's on Cadets: Gay Male Athletics, uncensored russian lolita porn November 11, 2002
Bear Cop: Gay Male Encounters, July 11, 2003You can also find more of my stories and stories by others at my Yahoo!
Group: and Sons Together
Part Three: The Origins of F.A.S.T. and the Correlli BrothersMy best friend Dan and I and our dads were resting in Dan's dad's office lolita no nudes bbs at
the Home Depot. Dan and I both had lost our cherry asses to our dads and my
dad was just starting to tell us about Fathers and Sons Together or F.A.S.T.F.A.S.T. was founded by Tom Pierson, a multimillionaire computer company
owner, in 2002. Although it was an underground organization, it had around
1200 members worldwide. The membership included a wide range of men--from
blue collar workers to the wealthy and powerful in politics, entertainment
and sports. The only qualification for membership was a deep loving and
consensual sexual relationship between a father and his son. Biological
fathers and sons as well as adoptive fathers and sons were treated equally.
There were bbs 666 lolitas tgp
even about 80 or so grandfather, father and son memberships.Tom, 49, and his son Karl, 25, began their sexual relationship on a trip to
London in late 2001. Karl had just graduated from the Harvard Business
School and was beginning to learn the intricacies of his father's business.
During the flight Karl came out to his father. He had just ended a
relationship with one of his professors at Harvard. He was tired of keeping
his true self to his father and since he was about to begin working side by
side with him he knew it would be difficult to keep up the facade.The revelation was not a surprise to Tom. He had found gay pornographic
magazines in Karl's room a few years ago. The men hugged and Tom surprised
himself by kissing Karl gently on the lips. As they continued to hug they
began kissing harder. Tongues darted and the men's cocks started to harden.
After a few minutes Tom came to his senses and backed away from his son. The
door to his office on board was open so he closed and locked it. His
personal assistant, Grady, was on board as well and he was concerned about
being caught. With the door secured he returned to his son and they resumed
their passionate kissing.Tom was divorced from Karl's mother and had been too busy to date. On some
business trips he had Grady arrange for women to visit him in his hotel for
some much need relief. He limited himself to receiving blowjobs from the
women for fear of impregnation. The women were paid well to keep their
mouths shut. In Karl's arms, Tom tapped into feelings he had suppressed for
years. On that flight Tom and his son Karl began a loving and sexual
relationship that continues to this day.A few months later they established F.A.S.T. to help other father and son
couples connect to one another and to support their nontraditional
relationships. Tom and Karl built a resort on a private Caribbean island so
fathers and sons could vacation together, meet others and be openly loving
and sexual with one another. More often than not fathers and sons had to
keep their relationships secret and sex was fast and furious in hotel rooms,
garage workshops and in cars parked in secluded areas. At the resort they
were encouraged to make love in the open for all to appreciate and enjoy.Using the power of the internet and special software that Tom and Karl's
company had developed for the military, they connected with other father and
son couples around the world. The special software allowed members to
communicate with one another without leaving behind a history of their
online activity. Members pledged to keep their activities secret for fear of
personal and legal reprisals. Membership was open to men 18 and older. Tom
and Karl both agreed that teens younger than 18 were probably not ready
emotionally to handle a sexual relationship with their dad. Of course some
members probably had sex before the age of 18 but waited to apply to
F.A.S.T. until that age.As my dad continued the story of F.A.S.T. we all stroked our hard cocks. It
was wonderful to know that others felt the way we did about the
relationships we had entered into that day.My dad then told us about the annual initiation gathering that Tom and Karl
hosted at their island resort each summer. In mid-July they invited all
members to travel to the island to be a part of it. At the initiation
gathering new members were inducted and sons with virgin asses were given
the opportunity to be fucked by their fathers for the first time as the rest
of the membership watched and participated. My dad told us he had seen video
of the ceremony and that it moving and extremely hot. He described how each
of the sons was helped into a leather sling in the large orgy room by the
ocean and how at midnight they were all simultaneously penetrated by their
fathers. The video he had seen showed 17 sons receiving their first fuck by
their fathers.Dan groaned and shot his load onto the floor. He triggered the rest of us
and one by one we shot our cum. Dan's dad and I shot ours into our hands. I
fed mine to my dad and Dan ate his dad's they licked our palms clean of the
hot juice and gulped it down. My dad shot last and he fired five long thick
ropes of creamy white sperm into my open mouth. It coated my tongue and I
savored the nutty taste. When the sixth shot hit preteen lolita models jpg
my chin Dan was ready to
lick it off. We kissed deeply sharing my dad's delicious cum.Dad finished the story of F.A.S.T. by telling us that since Dan and I were
now 18 we could join the organization. We were all anxious to join and I
asked my dad if we could go to the resort in July. He told us, with a big
smile bbs 666 lolitas tgp
on his face, that the tickets were already in his safe in this office!
Dan and I high fived and I hugged my dad tightly, told him that I loved him
and gave him a long kiss. Dan and his dad were also enjoying a kiss. Without
warning there was a knock at the door.We froze in mid-kiss then parted and pulled up our zippers. Dan grabbed some
tissues and quickly wiped up the cum on the floor. Dan's dad went to the
door and when we were all seated unlocked and opened it up. There were two
men at the door. They were both dressed in painter's uniforms. Their
overalls said "Correlli Brothers Painting" above their names--"Tony" and
"Mike."Dan's dad invited them in. He introduced us to the men. They owned a local
painting company and did a lot of business with the Home Depot. I caught Dan
checking out Tony's ass and he caught me checking out Mike's crotch. Their
overalls accentuated every detail of the men's hot bodies. As the men
discussed business with Dan's dad the three of us admired the hot painters
and began to gently rub our dicks through our pants. They had their backs to
us so they couldn't tell they were turning us on. Dan's dad caught on to us
pretty quickly and shot my dad a smile.I wasn't paying attention to what they were saying and was caught groping
myself by the brothers as they turned to leave. My dad and Dan had stopped a
few seconds earlier I guessed. Tony smiled and asked me if I liked his ass.
I turned beat red and stammered. My dad told me to answer the man. I
squeaked out a "yes." Mike said "fuck, yeah" and unzipped his overalls. He
hauled out his growing slab of Italian meat and offered it to me--"wanna suck
it, kid?"I looked over at my dad and he was smiling. I got up, knelt in little black russian lolita front of Mike
and opened my mouth. He gripped the back of my head and pulled it onto his
cock. It slid over my tongue and started down my throat. I almost gagged but
managed to take it all. Mike groaned and started to young lolitas teen pics fuck my mouth. It was
clear he only wanted to use me but hey, I wanted to be used! Tony pulled out
his dick too and Dan was on it in a second. The Correlli brothers flung
their heads back and enjoyed their teen blowjobs.Our dads led the men to the desk and had them sit side by side on it. This
allowed Dan and me to get off of our knees. Our dads pulled down our pants.
Dan's dad got behind me and my dad was behind Dan. Our holes were still
slick with cum so they dispensed with the lube and www lolita nu com shoved their cocks into
us fast and hard. The Correlli brothers were stunned to see our dads, the
police chief and the Home Depot manager, fuck the teens who were giving them
the most incredible blowjobs of their lives. As our dads fucked us we
continued to coax the Italian cum from the brothers' cocks.It was wild being the middle of a fuck and suck sandwich. Dan's dad's dick
was pounding my hole and putting me into a state of ecstasy. The room
smelled of sweat and cum and as I sucked Mike's dick I knew I was turning
into a grade-A cock whore. My mind drifted and I imagined the dozens of
cocks that would fuck me and that I would suck at the F.A.S.T. resort in
July. I was ready for them. I wanted to show my lolita no nudes bbs dad that I was the best. I
imagined my dad fucking me in front of the cheering members of F.A.S.T. I
imagined fathers and sons from around the world shooting their loads onto loli free pics girls
as my dad shot inside of me. I could almost feel the hot creamy cum hitting
my face and shooting into my open mouth.With a final thrust that's what Mike was doing! My mouth was flooded with
his sweet cum. I swallowed fast but he was shooting so much it started
dribbling out of the corners of my mouth. He held my head on his dick as I
swallowed and cursed up a storm as he sent his load into my stomach. Dan's
dad must have been watching because a moment later he slammed my hole for
the last time and unloaded a fresh batch of sperm deep in my ass. I was
getting filled with hot man cum from both ends and loving it!I don't know what was happening with my dad, Dan and Tony but when I came up
for air they were in a heap on the desk. Dan's face was covered with cum and
my dad was pulling his spent dick from Dan's well-fucked hole. Tony wiped
his cum from Dan's face and fed it to him. Dan greedily sucked up the hot
sticky cream. Fuck, what a day!Dan's dad gave the Correlli brothers a great discount on paint and they left
the office with a wink and a smile. We all hoped we'd be running into them
again soon. We said goodbye to Dan's dad and headed out of the store. I'm
sure more than one employee was wondering what had happened as the three of
us walked outside with big grins on our faces. I think they even noticed Dan
and me walking a bit funny!
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